Rugby Player Load

Client: International Rugby Players

Agency: LiveWire Sport / Two Circles

Video produced for International Rugby Players providing strategies and advice that help protect the mental and physical health of players and therefore, avoid injuries.


Professional rugby players can go under a lot of physical and mental stress that could lead them to serious injuries. With the use of an explainer video, the organization International Rugby Players could go through the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle for players around the world.

It was important to pay attention to the information shown in the video as it would be available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Georgian, Italian, and Japanese.

Initial Styleframe and character design


The storyline travels through the path of a player that is already experiencing a significant load of responsibilities affecting his performance. We review the four aspects to pay attention in the process: training schedule, personal habits, travel and commercial arrangements and matches.


Character Setup & Animation

All the characters were built using the same structure, with interchangeable limbs, outfits, heads to make it easier to make modifications along the way. The rigging was made using Duik with custom effects.

Rigging test in After Effects

After watching many hours of rugby matches, and slow-mo replays, I could gather a lot of reference footage that could help me make convincing actions.

Running sample with video reference
Tire flip workout reference and animation
Ball pass reference and animation


Shown below are thumbnails from the original storyboard and screenshots of the final result for comparison.

Original storyboard and final result


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