UI Motion Reel

00:00-01:12 Ro, MetaLab. Micro-interactions, loading states, transitions, brand sizzle reel.

01:13-01:20 Heroic, MetaLab. Micro-interactions and delights. Created with Lottie.

01:21-02:20 Ozone, MetaLab. Landing page animation, transitions.

02:20-02:30 Helix by Q2, MetaLab. Landing page animation, helixes were created with Lottie.

02:30-03:02 Flip, MetaLab. User flow animation. Proof of concept of several ideas to implement in production.

03:02-03:17 Fresco, MetaLab. Onboarding animation and loading state.

03:17-03:22 Akron, Pentasoft. Step-by-step animations for self-service gas stations. Built with Lottie.

03:22-03:44 OpenPhone. Product video used for the launch of new features.

03:44-03:49 Sweep, EndemicLabs. Promo video for the new Anheuser-Busch experience through Facebook Messenger.

03:49-04:00 Panther. Product video for the global launch

Selected Work


OpenPhoneProduct Video

LuckyProduct Video

Wimbledon KidsAnimation

Loom ProProduct Video

AvenifyProduct Video

PantherProduct Video

Most Wins in F1 RecordMotion Design

Rugby Player LoadMotion Design

Royal AscotMotion Design

RenfeMotion Design

ANEFP - ChristmasMotion Design

AbancaMotion Design


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